You Are Hungry European Tourist. Where to Get Tasty Sandwich in New York?

There are a few things that most Europeans don't like in New York. There are not too many places to get a good espresso, there are too much ice in the drinks and all the food you get have the same taste. Of course New Yorkers don't think like that and they shouldn't since unlike tourists they know the good places around.

There are many nice places in New York where you can get something to eat while hanging around. But you don't know where are they.

If you don't care too much of your stomach and if the eating is just something you have to do from time to time, the junk food is always an option. So you can stop reading that.

Those of you who don't feel well with meals that lay like a brick-bat in your belly however will be grateful to me.

A nice place to get a tasty sandwich near to Union Square is Cosi. The place is on the corner at Eeast 13th St & Broadway. It is a part of the Cosi restaurants (

I've read some negative reviews about Cosi but I can assure you it is not expensive and it is toothsome.

Another great place to go, I like a lot is next to Cosi. Max Brenner's ( chocolate restaurant at 841 Broadway New York, NY 10003 is a great place to eat sweets or to get other food. The design of the restaurant is very good as well as service.

By Nyc Addict
2006-08-04 22:29:06
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